Dark Brown Leather Strap Apple Watch Band from Journey - Unboxing & Test!

I’ve got a great quality Apple Watch Band from Alogic’s Journey brand (JR-NY). It’s a Dark Brown Leather Strap with really high build-quality. Even the packing has really high quality. In this video I unbox it and then test it on my Apple Watch Series 5. I will do a long-term test of it and release a video later on with how good it has holding up, and if the leather ages well. Maybe it had look nicer on a black Apple Watch and not on a silver version that I have, but I think it looks kinda cool anyways.

A watch strap that’s equal parts rough and refined. Designed for everyday use, the Journey Apple Watch Strap is modern and minimalistic to perfectly blend in with any look or style. It can be used for casual, professional, or active lifestyle with equal elegance and all-day long comfort.

Handcrafted using only the highest quality full grain leather, sourced from one of the oldest tanneries in the world. It’s hard not to fall in love with this rich, full-bodied leather, which exhibits an incredible depth of colour and durability.

The leather will develop a beautiful patina over time as the natural oils from your hands and daily usage breaks down the surface to reveal a distinctive colour and texture. The patina process brings out the natural hues of the leather creating a deep, warm tone that will only look better with age and is uniquely yours.

Made with naturally hydrophobic leather and armed with premium grade lugs and buckles this leather watch strap is cut from a different cloth. The waterproof characteristic of the leather is not achieved by topical spays and coating but is infused with natural lipids during the tanning process making it naturally hydrophobic which doesn’t wear off ever! The resistant material means that your watch straps will last longer and stay looking in top condition. Our watches hold true craftsmanship that can go anywhere, from a casual picnic to a red-carpet event.

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