How to Upload your own eBooks to your Storytel Reader eReader in ePub format

In the video tutorial below I show how to upload your own ePub eBooks to your Storytel Reader. The ePub books need to be DRM (Digital Rights Management) free. That means that they can’t be copy-protected. The Storytel Reader is an eReader that needs a Storytel account to be used. This tutorial makes it at least possible to read books that is not available at Storytel, but you still need a Storytel account to be able to use the eBook Reader

So in this video i will show you how you can upload your own ebooks to your storytel reader ebook reader you upload them from your computer to this reader and then you can read them exactly how you want so the epub file that you want to upload to your storytel account needs to be drm free digital rights management free that means that it doesn't have any copyright protection 

 So for example this book network effect by martha wells i have downloaded for free with the newsletter from tour books so this is completely drm free so this could be uploaded to your storytel reader so you need to go to as you see here and here you need to be logged in at your account and when you are logged in to your storytel account then you have these menus at the top you have a menu for 

 Storytellingreader as you can see here and you have my pages mina sidor in swedish my pages and if you see in that menu you have my reader mean reader so when you click on that you have this option here upload epub files to your storytel reader here you can simply just choose upload epub by clicking there and then you browse to the file you want to upload 

 And as i said i have this on my desktop network effect by martha wells i click on that and click upload now it uploads to my storytell reader it says here that almost done your book will be uploaded it will show up on your storytel reader when it's ready in a few minutes click ok and as you can see here it's working with the ebook at the moment before it will be ready on my storytel reader 

 So when it's done here it will be ready on storytel reader ebook reader device so now it's done and ready to read as it says here so now it will show up on the storytel reader itself so check out so now we have uploaded that epub file that ebook to the storytel reader itself then you can see at the top on your storytel reader you have some 

 Icons here and the second icon on the top is the place where all your uploaded files get to so here you can see we can do a refresh of this if you want to to all the files will be there here we have that book we just uploaded in this video network effect by martha wells so if i click on this now it will start download it to this device and now we can read it so now the book opens on the storytell 

 Reader so now we will be able to read this book as you can see here the cover itself and now we can go forward and back in the epub file exactly as we usually do works really great so that was quite easy on how you can upload your own epub files to your storyteller reader i think that's an easy way doing it the only thing you need to think of is that it needs to be drm free no copyright on the book so that's the 

 Only thing you need to think of and it needs to be in epub format of course but that is quite easy to do as you saw in this video okay bye 

Watch video here: