How To Install my Custom Apple Watch Faces for FREE on your Apple Watch

In the tutorial below I show how to install my brand new custom Apple Watch Faces on your Apple Watch. For FREE.

I recently learned that there is an app called Clockology for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, that makes it possible to create and use custom watch faces also on an Apple Watch. I didn't know that, I thought that was only for Android Wear OS Watches. And as you know, I have done plenty of watch faces for Wear OS.

So, here you can find my first attempt of making custom watch faces for Apple Watch. I started with one of my favourite watches: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer.

Personally I think the result is quite good. I made my own Wear OS version into a Squared version that looks awesome to me. I also made a Blue version that you also can download from this website.

Watch the tutorial here:

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