Using an iPhone as an eBook Reader: what to use instead of Apple Books?

I’ve been using my iPhone 13 Pro Max with the Original Apple Leather case on, as an eBook Reader for a while now. Sadly though, has Apple totally ruined the Apple Books app in iOS 16. It has become a terrible ebook reading app. So I have started using the Amazon Kindle app instead, and I like it so much that I have now ordered a Kindle Paperwhite 2022 Signature Edition as a companion to my iPhone and iPad with the Kindle App. It will be my first Kindle eReader. I have a few Kobo e-Readers that I use at the moment but they can’t sync with the Kindle App. A real Kindle can. So in the video below I talk about what I think is great with the Kindle app and why I use it instead. 

Watch video here:

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