Heart Problems? Sleep Apnea? - Use this Watch!

I have now been using the YHE BP Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smartwatch for a while and it’s definitely a great watch for health and fitness measurement. It can measure your blood pressure with a patented air cuff inflation built-in to the watch band itself. Genius. Not even Apple has come up with such a brilliant solution. It also helps with Sleep Apnea by having an Apnea Alert function, and also monitoring your blood oxygen level. There is also an automatic sleep monitoring built-in, HRV analysis, heart rate monitor, weather, alarms and more. A great app for both iOS and Android stores all your stats in perfect sync. It has great battery life, 3–4 days of usage before you need to charge it. Great build-quality and very ergonomically to wear. I can definitely recommend this watch if you need to measure your health (especially your heart) and fitness.

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