Some tips about Calibre Software together with Kindle e-Readers

Amazon Kindle eReaders works great with the Calibre eBook Organisation Software on a computer. Both wirelessly (what I prefer) and with a cable. Kindle e-Readers is not locked down as many thinks. They are as open as Kobo eBook Readers. You can easily use different eBook Formats with a Kindle. ePub, KFX, AZW3, TXT, PDF, HTML, MOBI (I don’t recommend that format) and many more. And ePub is a preferable format. I recommend you to store all your eBooks as ePub. Use the plugin Modify ePub to optimise them for your Kindle device. Use KEPUB format for your Kobo device. Use KFX if you want to sideload with a cable to your Kindle. But if you sideload with a cable the books will not be synced between all your devices. That’s why you should always transfer your books wirelessly to your Kindle.

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