Voice Dream Reader vs Kindle App with Apple Neural Engine Voices - Text-To-Speech Comparison!

Apple has recently released updated “Premium” versions of their normal Text-To-Speech voices. Sadly third party apps can’t use their Neural Engine voices but these Premium TTS voices is as good as it gets when it comes to normal Text-To-Speech. Voice Dream Reader is an app that you can use Apple’s Premium TTS voices with, so I decided to do a comparison between the Neural Engine Voices that you can use in for example Amazon Kindle App or Apple Books, with the new Apple Premium voices that you can use in for example Voice Dream Reader. Personally I think the Neural Engine Voices is much better and more natural sounding, but be able to use at least Apple’s Premium Voices in Voice Dream Reader is good when you want to turn an eBook into an Audiobook to listen at when you can’t read or you don’t want to read yourself. Watch video to hear the difference.

Watch video here:

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