AI Narrators in Storytel - Good or Bad?

Audiobooks is a huge industry, and Storytel is one of the biggest. They have recently launched AI voices, AI Narrators that you can switch to from the original human narrator, using their Voice Switcher feature in the Storytel app. At the moment this is only available for some English books, and all of them has the original human narrator to choose if you prefer. But in the future this will probably come for more languages and also for books that doesn’t have an original human narrator.

Good or bad? Will this take the jobs from real human narrators? Personally I think this is great and it will not take the jobs from real human narrators. The reason for that is that the human narrators can record their own voices and make them into AI narrators, and then get royalties for every book that using the voice. And there will always be large book companies that has a lot of money that will hire popular real human narrators instead of using AI narrated voices.

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