Audiobooks vs ebooks - Different Experiences

Reading an eBook on an eBook Reader vs Listening to an Audiobook on a Mobile Phone. That is two completely different experiences to me. Personally I get a lot more of a book when reading it myself, compared to when someone else are reading it for me. And all the benefits of reading on an e-Reader is plenty. For example, the easiness of look up words in the built-in dictionaries, Wikipedia searches and also the easiness of translating words. Doing Highlights and notes in an eBook on an eReader is also great. You can’t do anything of that when listening to an audiobook. And the comprehension of what you read is a lot better compared to listening to an audiobook. It’s also hard to find places where you can listen to an audiobook. For me the only place is in my car. If you are reading an eBook on an eBook Reader you can do that around other people and still be available more. Watch the video for what I think.

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