Storytel launches more AI Narrators for their Book Streaming Service - Now with Swedish Voices like Stefan Sauk!

Storytel is launching their excellent Voice Switcher feature in Sweden – an innovative feature that allows audiobook listeners to switch seamlessly between different narrations. Using new technology, the original human narrator is supplemented by three different first-class AI-generated voices, for the first time optimized for reading fiction. So now you can listen to Stefan Sauk as an AI Voice for example, when you don’t like the original narrator. The AI Narrators are so good that you can’t hear that they are AI voices! Storytel now has both Swedish and English voices to choose from depending on if you listen to English or Swedish books.

I wish they add the Voice Switcher to more books as soon as possible though.

Storytel’s Voice Switcher is an innovation aimed at addressing a fundamental audiobook problem: Different users have different preferences regarding the narrator’s voice. A whopping 89% of Storytel’s listeners have at some point abandoned a book not because the book was bad, but because the voice did not suit them.

Do you prefer a female or a male voice? A dramatic or more neutral narration? The Voice Switcher is a new feature that allows the user to customize their listening experience by being able to switch between narrators to find one that suits them better.

The Swedish AI voices in the Voice Switcher are:

Carin, a calm and mature female voice

Amanda, a young and energetic female voice

Erik, a soft and deep male voice

Martin, a middle aged, straightforward male voice

Stefan, an AI generated version of the actor Stefan Sauk, who has a strong and dramatic voice

Watch video here:

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  1. Anonymous23:58

    Hey, thank you for all your videos on TTS it has saved me lots of money. Recently i have found an amazing app for TTS i think they use the unreal speech engine. It really is head and shoulders above from what I have used so far. It’s called Reader app by Readwise. I just thought it might be something you would be interested in.

    1. Anonymous08:48

      Yeah I’ve been using recently and it’s awesome


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