Ebook Readers can cure Smartphone Addiction in a minimalistic way

Too many people are smartphone addicted, they can’t stop using their smartphones, scrolling their feeds, social media, social networks and more. Smartphone Addiction is a plague. E-Readers and my Apple Watch Ultra 2 has helped me stopped using my iPhone almost completely. I only use it when I absolutely need to. And that is not often anymore. I do all my communication via my Apple Watch Ultra 2 with an e-sim using mobile data. I can reply to email, sms and more using my voice. With Android based ebook readers you also can use them for other stuff like email if you really have to because with them you can install any app you want from the Google Play Store. But they are still too slow to be used for social media and such. And that is in a good way. Because then you only use it for reading and only other stuff if it is absolutely necessary. The Onyx Boox Palma ebook reader is easy to carry with you everywhere so it can easily replace your totally useless social scrolling with an excellent ebook instead.

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