What is KOReader for ebook readers? -Why I prefer using it on all my e-readers

In this tutorial I try to explain what KOReader for ebook readers is and why I prefer using it. KOReader runs on almost all Kobo e-readers, Android based e-Readers like the Onyx Boox and Bigme ebook readers, PocketBook e-readers and also on some older Kindle e-readers. I run it on all my e-readers that I use and everything in sync. I use it on my Kobo Clara 2e, Kobo Libra H2O and Onyx Boox Palma. I also has it on my Bigme 751c but I don’t use that reader much because it has a color Kaleido 3 screen. I don’t like them because they are too dark for reading. You can even install KOReader on a normal Android phone or tablet.

Watch tutorial here:

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