How To Install KOReader on e-Readers running Android - It's very easy!

I absolutely love using KOReader on all my ebook readers. I have done Tutorials on how to install KOReader on Kobo e-Readers before, but I have got questions from my viewers on how to install it on Android based ebook readers. I thought it was so easy to do that so no tutorial was needed but apparently some users wanted that so here is a tutorial on how to install KOReader on e-Readers that runs Android operating system. I show how to do it on both my Onyx Boox Palma and my Bigme B751c ebook readers. One B&W Carta 1200 e-reader and one Color Kaleido 3 ebook reader. Both running Android. It works about the same on all Android based e-readers that you can install Android apps on that you download as .apk files.

Watch tutorial here:

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