Synthesizer: KX77FREE - Kx-Modulad 2.0 / Pc / Free


KX77FREE launches Kx-Modulad 2.0, a FREE analog modular synth.

Some Features:

Full parameters controls to make Additive Waveforms with no aliasing.
Full 32 bit High Quality Waveforms.
Same quality for all clock frequencies: 44.1 khz to 192 khz.
Stereo routing.
3 Polyphonic EGs with for each segment: curves, velocity and Kbd controls.
1 Monophonic EG with for each segment: curves, velocity and Kbd controls.
Multiple trigger sources and sync for the EGs and the LFOs.
2 oscillators with 2 waveforms and 2 outputs with Phase modulation and Sync.
2 independent Sub Oscillators.
1 Stereo SF2 player.
2 Monophonic LFOs with 2 Rates and ASR EG.
2 Mulitmode VCFs.
Mixer with 6 sources: Noise, Vco1 1-2, Vco 2 1-2, Ring, Vco1 Width, Vco2 Width and 3 outputs: VCF1, VCF2, VCA.
Each mixer voice can be modulated by different sources.
Noise Generator with an EQ.
Sample & Hold.
Ring Modulator.
6 host sync clocks.
2 Midi inputs.
1 Distortion.
2 Delays with sync, multimode filter and modulation oscillator with sync.
1 Scope with 100 ms of buffer size.
Full Midi learn.
Full NRPN implementation.
128 KX presets.

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Effect: Christian Budde - Lookahead Limiter / Pc / Free

Lookahead Limiter

Christian Budde launches Lookahead Limiter, a FREE limiter effect for Windows.

A peak stop look ahead limiter.

- a smooth attack
- adjustable release curve

Find more effects here.

Christian W. Budde

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Mixing: TeamDNR - MixControl 1.0r4


TeamDNR launches MixControl 1.0r4, a complete mixing package plugin for Windows and Mac OSX.
- 2 Compressor Modes (transparent/colored)
- 3 level detection modes for gate/comp modules
- Ultra-responsive gate
- Internal gate/comp sidechain with various filters
- Input/Output FFT with peak hold on EQ display
- 6 band precision EQ via filter curve measurement
- A wide variety of EQ filter types (12 / 24 / 36 / 48dB)
- Brickwall limiter with release control
- 3 band stereo enhancer with auto makeup + solo
- Dynamics->EQ or EQ->Dynamics processing
- Dynamics metering (envelope follower/peak)
- Extra long input sample delay
- Sub-preset loading and saving (EQ, comp, etc)
- Phase Inversion, input and output gain
- 64-bit internal processing
- Extremely low CPU usage

Price: $79


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Synthesizer: u-he - ACE


u-he unveils ACE (Any Cable Everywhere), a new software synth for both Windows and Mac OS X. Looks cool!

ETA: early December 2009
pricing: 69EUR
formats: VST on Windows, VST/AU/RTAS on MacOS X
system requirments Mac: Apple Macintosh Computer running MacOS X 10.4+ on a G4 processor or newer, Intel Core 2 Duo or better recommended
system requirments Win: VST2 compatible host software on a PC with SSE2 supporting processor, Intel Core 2 Duo or better recommended
number of presets and such: tba


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Music App: Richard Lawler - PatternMusic


Richard Lawler unveils PatternMusic, a new music app for iPhone & iPod Touch.
Some Features:
• Intuitively mix and arrange your songs by moving instrument icons.
* Multi-Touch Pattern Editor
• Easily create unique looping note patterns.
• Up to 64 notes per pattern via the scrolling timeline.
• 50 instrument voices to choose from.
• A full drum kit and percussion set.
* Instrument and Song Settings
Auto-save - PatternMusic automatically saves your songs when you quit or when you are interrupted by a phone call, and it automatically restores your last session when you return.
access and control without leaving the app.

Price: $4.99

Find more iPhone Music Apps here.

"PatternMusic was designed to inspire creativity, learning and experimentation in music enthusiasts and experts alike" PatternMusic

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Synthesizer: Asymptotic Valley - Inorganic1 / Pc / Free


Asymptotic Valley launches Inorganic1, a FREE VST synth for Windows.

- 2 oscillators, each with subtractive option
- 2 Oscillator Phase Offset Modulations
- Adjustable Oscilloscope with input selection
- State Variable Filter with ADSR Envelope
- Amplitude Envelope ADSR
- Delay Effect
- Reverb Effect

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"Inorganic1 - The Subtractive Synthesizer, Realistic 3D view, Oscilloscope" Asymptotic Valley

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Sounds: Wildfunk - Wildkick

Wildfunk has released the virtual kick drum sound module "WildKick".


128 fresh new kick drums for House, Dance, Minimal and Techno productions.

Every kick has been carefully created to offer you really new and useable stuff.

They have enhanced all kicks with transient settings, layering, filtering, eqing and compression. The plugin itself isn't just a sample player, it allows you to tweak (pitch, decay, damp, click and drive) the kicks right into your tracks.

Contains 47 soft, 33 medium and 48 hard kicks.

All samples (725 MB) are available in WAV format (.wav) in 16-bit / 44.1
kHz / mono.


Price: 22 Euro

Find more sounds here.

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Effect: Cableguys - FilterShaper 2


Cableguys launches FilterShaper 2, a cool VST effect plugin that allows you to create complex volume, pan and filter modulations.

Some Features:
2 filters
Draw your own modulations
Pan, volume, Filter

New in this version:
Now available for both PC and Mac
Unique Parallel Routing
Filter Panning and Volume Control
Free-running LFOs
Modulation of Master Pan Control
Improved User Interface

Find other effects here.

"This plugin is a dream come true for producers who need a professional tool to shape, warp and mangle their audio" Cableguys

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Step Sequencer: WOK - ClockWOrK

ClockWOrK Vintage Stepsequencer VST

WOK unveils ClockWOrK, a new Vintage Step sequencer VST for Windows.

clear and easy interface
number of steps selectable
note per step selectable from 3 octaves with display
additional row for velocity or MIDI CC
each step can be muted or skipped
sequence transpose by MIDI input
selectable speed
manual step thru the sequence with button or MIDI key
reset to a specific step manually or on bar start
play only when MIDI key is pressed
random play
supports automation by your host
MIDI-ouput; any plugin or synthesizer can be used as sound source

Price: 39 Euro

Find other Step Sequencers here.

"A MIDI Stepsequencer plugin for your DAW, giving you all the options of the vintage hardware at a mouseclick" WOK

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