About Ads and AdBlocking


There is much discussions going on on Google+ at the moment about some rumor that says that Google has payed the Adblock Plus browser extension developers to whitelist their ads.

I don't get it why some people doesn't understand that we the publishers of content NEEDS the ads. We that write for the web or making YouTube videos for you to consume is dependent on them. Without ads many publishers couldn't do what they do. At least not for free.

And also Google is reliant on ads, their whole revenue comes from ads, so without them we couldn't get all the cool Google services for free.

I am sure all those who complains about ads also want to have the web for free, don't you?

And ads could be good too, many users I've seen doing a Google search for example, didn't know that the three or so links at the top of the Google search results actually are ads. But they were relevant enough for them to click on anyways.

And I've seen a lot of pre-roll ads on YouTube that is actually fun to watch, and sometimes even helpful.

So please think about all the publishers that is dependent on ads before you block them. It's either ads in the webpage design, or paying for a subscription service every month, what do you really prefer?