Now I know what I will do

A while ago I wrote that I didn’t knew what I should do with my blog/website, or my YouTube channel. I felt that it didn’t go anywhere and Google hardly didn’t index my blog so that my post wasn’t read by readers outside of Google+. Thanks to some great feedback from my Google+ followers in the comments (as usual), now I know what I will do.

Being myself

I will just be myself, I will not only write about the latest tech or gadgets news, I will also write about my thoughts and visions about technology. Everything that comes to my mind.

When I do my carvlogs on YouTube, I usually just talk out into thin air in my car, like talking to myself. That’s exactly what I will also do on my blog now. I will open up for you, and reveal my personal thoughts on things.

Already seeing some changes

Since I start doing that (yes I’ve been doing that for a week or so), everything has changed. A lot more interaction, reshares, comments and +1’s. Even Google seems to like my blog better now, I can see a slight change for the better in my Google analytics, I get more traffic from Google Search.

It’s what blogging really is

I love to do it this way, it feels so natural. I think that is what blogging really is, not a robotic way of pumping out blog posts in droves - like many big websites seems to do. My blog will be more on a personal level, but of course also about the latest news, I will as usual try to be first with the hot too ;)

G+ connected and merged

I hope you will like my blog, it’s connected and merged totally with Google+. So everything syncs, the post even get shared to G+ automatically so it feels that the two great services has merged into one now. I like that.