AirPlay to Apple TV without wifi - one more thing that makes it much better than ChromeCast

iOS 8 AirPlay To Apple TV Makes Streaming Content Easier | Ubergizmo:

Yesterday Apple unveiled iOS 8 and its laundry list of new features, which as previously mentioned, includes peer-to-peer AirPlay discovery and playback.

What this means is that users won’t have to connect an iOS device to the same network as the Apple TV. So it would be possible to stream content without having to ask for someone’s network credentials. Its also great for the hosts who aren’t comfortable with giving out their network credentials or even if the Apple TV is in an enterprise environment.

This is pretty nifty. One more service that uses Apples Mesh Network technology that AirDrop uses. Bluetooth for identification and a WiFi Direct connection for speedy data transfers. This is awesome and is so much better than the Google Chromecast solution. Do you remember my failed attempt to using a Chromecast to cast PowerPoint presentations from a mobile at my day work? It still doesn't work1….

With an AppleTV it works perfectly fine, and with iOS 8 it will work even better when I'm at my work where I not always have a wifi connection. So still the AppleTV is a much better buy than the Chromecast.

  1. It still only works casting Google Drive docs with a computer and not from a mobile device…. What's the point in that? If I have a computer with me I can connect it to the projector and present my PowerPoint presentations… The benefit here is to not have to have a computer with me.