My brand new Mercedes Benz A180 Sedan 2021 in Stone Grey Metallic

I have finally got my brand new Mercedes Benz A-class Sedan. The 2021 model and in Stone Gray Metallic. The Sedan version of the A-class is not so usual here where I live. In fact I have only seen my own car :) It has Apple CarPlay, Mercedes own Navigation with Mercedes Assistant, Mercedes Me Connect, Siri, Dynamic light effects, Leather seats and wood panels. Watch video below!!

Panorama Sun roof is also some thing I think look gorgeous. And also the 19-inch wheels. I really love the Mercedes A180 Sedan so far! I am still forced to buy gasoline engines instead of electric cars where I live, even with the really high taxes our government has decided we should pay for gasoline cars… I have no way to charge an electric car where I live so why should I be punished for buying a gasoline car? I really don’t like the political decisions they make in my country… 

Watch my video with my new care here:

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